A New Justice Means A New Yes Man For Trump’s Election Rigging

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Tomorrow, Donald Trump is going to announce who he will nominate to the Supreme Court in order to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Now I want to make it clear, I do not oppose Donald Trump nominating a Supreme Court Justice at this time because it’s an election year, I have never stood by that being a valid argument. Instead, I am against it happening so close to an election the President seems to have every intent on rigging in a manner similar to what Bush did in 2000.

On 8/7/2020, Bloomberg tweeted the following as a warning regarding the Presidential Election:

U.S. intelligence agencies say China and Iran are working to sway voters against Trump while Russia is working against Biden.

Of course, Bloomberg is not the only place stating this. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump said the following at a campaign event:

The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win.

In August he said:

We have to win the election. We can’t play games. Go out and vote. Do those beautiful absentee ballots, or just make sure your vote gets counted. Make sure because the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. Remember that. It’s the only way we’re going to lose this election, so we have to be very careful.

Of course, this is not the first time Trump has done this. And I don’t even mean after the mail in voting started, Trump has been playing this game since long before then. After he lost the popular vote in 2016, Trump spent a large amount of time from the election until his inauguration promising us he did win the popular vote. On 11/27/2016, he tweeted the following:

In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally

To this day, nobody has provided evidence for this claim (nor have they explained why a system rigged against Trump would allow him to win), however that no longer matters. Instead, we should be trying to figure out why Trump is playing the “the system is rigged” game now.

It becomes much more obvious when you realize that this is only phase one of the game. After that, you challenge the results in close races and then have the Supreme Court declare Donald Trump the winner — just as was done to George W. Bush back in 2000.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what Senator Ted Cruz said in an op-ed for Fox News:

Twenty years ago, I was part of the legal team that litigated Bush v. Gore and went to the Supreme Court.

For thirty-six days, the country did not know who the president was going to be, and if we had had a four-four court it could have dragged on for weeks and months. In the midst of deadly pandemic, economic devastation, and violent riots erupting across the country, that is the last thing the American people need.

As I wrote in my forthcoming book, “One Vote Away — How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History,” every single vote on the Court matters in every major case the Court hears.

There is no room for error. On too many issues, we are one vote away.

This could very well be the case come November, and we need to do everything we can in the Senate to be ready for that possibility.

Basically, Donald Trump might sue states if he loses and it could go all the way to the Supreme Court. And by the way, all a tie would do is reconfirm the verdict of whatever lower court the case most recently went to, it would not cause crime nor anarchy nor anything else Republicans warn about.

The Republicans, by there own admission, are only doing this to rig the 2020 Election. That should be the main argument, that a new judge would have a massive conflict of interest. Instead, the DNC is too focused on saying Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite over a precedent he made up.

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