5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Are 100% True

In honor of the Jeffery Epstein controversy, I figured the media should try and show both sides. Be Fair and Balanced and all that. One term they are partially bias on is the term “Conspiracy theorist.”

But what if I told you a number of conspiracy theories are not just true — but quite easy to prove. None of these involve JFK, 9/11 (although two of them involve George W. Bush), or lizard people. These come from reports from mainstream news sources and highly accredited people.

So if you want to call what I say insane, that’s fine. However, just remember I have a lot in the same booth.

The Gulf of Tonkin

Official Story: Lyndon Johnson Lied To The American Public About The Gulf Of Tonkin To Get Us Into Vietnam

Truth: Johnson Was Lied To By The Intelligence Agencies

On 8/2/1964. it is said that a warship of the United States was sunk by the North Vietnamese Communists. A second attack happened two days later. That same day, President Johnson gave a speech on national television.

The initial attack on the destroyer Maddox, on August 2, was repeated today by a number of hostile vessels attacking two U.S. destroyers with torpedoes. The destroyers and supporting aircraft acted at once on the orders I gave after the initial act of aggression. We believe at least two of the attacking boats were sunk. There were no U.S. losses.-President Johnson

Of course, the United States had been engaged in that region against the North Vietnamese for around three years by that point. On the eighth day of his administration, President John F. Kennedy told his National Security Council that he wanted an operation launched against the communist North.

Either way, this event was big news. William Bundy — the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs — said that he wished for the United States to get all communists out of South Vietnam even if it means attacking China and North Vietnam.

These days, most understand the attacks didn’t happen. However, most sources point to it being Lyndon Johnson who lied about the attack. Yet, in October 2005, The New York Times found the National Security Agency “deliberately skewed” information to make it look like an attack had occurred.

This also caused Johnson to not run for re-election in 1968. Johnson was famous for defending his policies — even threw William Martin against a wall to stop him from raising interest rates (which he did anyway) — meaning he would have had no issue defending the Vietnam War against attacks from Senator Eugene McCarthy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Vice-President Nixon, and Governor George Romney. However, the more information he got the more he realized he was lied to and sent many young Americans to die for no reason.

That is what caused him to leave office.

The Cuyahoga River Fire

Official Story: 6/22/1969 the Cuyahoga River caught on fire and burned for days on end. The resulting backlash caused noted good hearted man Richard Nixon to created the EPA.

Truth: The Fire was unremarkable in every way, most who saw it didn’t seem to care and many didn’t even see it.

Let’s start with this, the Cuyahoga River use to catch on fire all the time. We have at least 13 recorded incidents of the Cuyahoga River catching on fire, many of which were before the EPA. Guess we didn’t need it just yet.

For that matter, river fires actually went down long before the EPA as pollution in general was decreasing and we actually started caring about the environment. Maybe that’s why the fire was called unremarkable and barley made a foot note in the local newspaper. It took Time Magazine over a month to report on it, which is what caused it to have a large amount of attention.

I know what you’re thinking. How could this fire be so unremarkable? Just look at the pictures published in Time!

However, this was not of the same fire. This was actually an archived photo of a rive blaze that happened 17 years earlier. No known photos of the 1969 fire exist because it only went on for half an hour!

The Government Targeted Microsoft

Official Story: The Clinton administration had to bring anti-trust suit against Microsoft because they were a monopoly in the computer industry.

Truth: Microsoft was targeted for not wanting to lobby Congress by the Clinton administration.

Bill Gates is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the United States. His company Microsoft has brought computers and later the internet to millions of people in America and billions around the world.

However, Bill Gates made one big mistake. He did not wish to lobby Congress or get involved in politics. Gates took the libertarian view of the government needing to mind their own business so he can run his business. That did not sit well with the Congress. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that he formed Microsoft as far away from DC as possible? (Okay, it might be, but still.)

Bill Gates and Microsoft were called to Congress in 1998. During that hearing, Senator Orrin Hatch told them they need to get involved with Washington DC. They refused. Later that year, Attorney General Janet Reno announced she was filing an anti-trust lawsuit against Bill Gates.

Her reason, because of the dominance of Internet Explorer. Mind you, it was not that Internet Explorer had no competition, instead it was that it was free. I know, how dare they.

Gates will clearly targeted for his political views — or his lack there of. Now, they spend millions on lobbying and have a building in Washington DC. They learned their lesson, make no mistake.

The Stolen Elections of 2000 and 2004

Official Story: George W. Bush narrowly beat Vice-President Al Gore after a month long recount and followed to defeat John Kerry through a combination of 9/11 fear and the War in Iraq.

Truth: Bush lost both elections.

Here’s a question no one on the Republican side could ever seem to answer: If Bush won Florida why was he so angry at the idea of a recount? The Bush campaign sued the Gore campaign for trying to get a statewide recount in the state of Florida, if he really won shouldn’t Bush have let him count those votes 100 times over?

The book Jews For Buchanan: Did You Hear The One About The Theft Of The American Presidency by John Nichols — named after the Bush campaign calling Palm Beach a Buchanan strong hold — shows many ways in which Bush cheated to become President.

As he said in the introduction:

It is a joke to think that anyone would claim the elderly Jews of Palm Beach County marched to their polling places on November 7, 2000, intending to punch their butterfly ballots for Pat Buchanan, the American politician most likely to be accused of anti-Semitism.

Yet, if we are to believe that George W. Bush was elected president of the United States, we must stop laughing. We must suspend disbelief and accept that there were indeed Jews for Buchanan. Thousands of them, pouring out of their senior centers and synagogues to cast ballots for a man whose politics was for them anathemas. The Bush campaign acknowledged the necessity of this stretch of logic when, as the review of Florida ballots was beginning, press secretary Ari Fleischer was dispatched to make the Orwellian assertion that Palm Beach County was “a Buchanan stronghold in Florida.”

Exit polls clearly showed that Bush lost, as every TV network said before eight that night. Every poll done found that if a state-wide recount was done Al Gore would have won. Even those at Fox News said it was clearly going Vice-President Gore. Guess something changed magically though.

2004 was a little different though, as the media knew they couldn’t do the same thing twice. People were convicted of vote tampering in Ohio, and they were all found to be life long Republicans, but nothing was ever done.

Christopher Hitchens — who himself voted for Bush and supported the Iraq War — wrote that the Ohio votes can not be used. Had Kerry won Ohio (and he did according to the exit polls), he would have beat Bush 271–266. Had Gore won Florida, Gore would have beat Bush 291–246!

Just imagine how different America would be today/

Iraq and WMD’s

Official Story: George W. Bush just made a mistake about WMD’s in Iraq.

Truth: He was aware as early as 2006 and just didn’t stop the war because it was about his wallet.

At this point, most accept that there weren’t any WMD’s in Iraq. Even Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth admitted WMD’s were never found in a video for PragerU.

Criticism then turned to blame when the weapons of mass destruction that were expected to be found were not. Nothing seemed to be going right. I know — I was there, serving as a lieutenant in the United States Army.

Even Donald Rumsfeld — the sectary of Defense for George W. Bush’s first six years — wrote that he was wrong in his memoir Known and Unknown.

However, they knew. On 8/21/2006 President George W. Bush said the following during a press conference:

Now, look, I didn’t — part of the reason we went into Iraq was — the main reason we went into Iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction. It turns out he didn’t, but he had the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction.

One year later, George W. Bush did the surge which increased the amount of troops in Iraq.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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