5 Clinton Critics Who Mysteriously Weren’t Killed

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After Jeff Epstein committed suicide, many are believing that former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton were the ones who killed him. Personally, I think the one with the biggest interest in not having a trail was the man who’d go to prison a pedophile, but what do I know?

However, I do find it odd that if he killed both Epstein and Seth Rich, that he hasn’t killed a number of others. During Clinton’s Presidency, he — for some reason — allowed critics to live all the time. And before you bring up Vince Foster — who even Ken Starr confirmed was suicide — that was because Hillary Clinton — who by the way is a lesbian according to these people — had an affair with him.

So, here are five critics of the Clinton that somehow did not die.

1. Ken Starr

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Allow me to get the most obvious one out of the way. Ken Starr was the man who investigated Bill Clinton from 1994 to 1998, starting with the Whitewater scandal however eventually devolving into the Monica Lewinsky scandal by the time his investigation ended.

Despite this, he’s still alive to this day. Even after Starr moved his investigation from Whitewater to every Clinton scandal (including the one where he was actually guilty) Clinton never ordered a hit on him. Wouldn’t it have been so easy? Guess that was always on the bottom of his to-do list.

2. Jerry Falwell

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While I could have gone with anyone involved in The Clinton Chronicles — a straight to video “documentary” accusing Clinton of every crime possible — ,I picked the distributor — Reverend Jerry Falwell — as he was the most well known figure involved.

Being a controversial — and by that I mean hated — yet always in the public light figure from his segregation supporting speech in 1964 until his death in 2007, Falwell was easily one of the most vocal critics of the President. In 1994, Falwell distributed and popularized The Clinton Chronicles video. According to Wikipedia — because God knows I’m not watching it — the film accuses Clinton of:

  • Being a drug addict
  • Having affairs with or harassing numerous women
  • Troopergate- using Arkansas State Police officers to facilitate sexual liaisons and intimidate accusers
  • Misuse of funds with the Arkansas Development Finance Authority
  • Using Bank of Credit and Commerce International to launder money
  • Profiting from drug smuggling at the Mena Airport
  • Protecting Barry Seal’s drug smuggling activities
  • Murdering several witnesses to the Mena drug smuggling operation
  • Covering up the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two boys found dead on railroad tracks near the airport, Kevin Ives and Don Henry
  • Protecting a state medical examiner who was repeatedly accused of misstating the cause of death in several autopsies
  • Whitewater controversy
  • Covering up the cause of the death of Vince Foster
  • Using contacts at the Rose Law Firm to shred documents that would have implicated Clinton in scandals

Wow, some pretty inditing stuff. If Clinton did even half of this he’d be the most corrupt President since Nixon, if he did all of it he’d be the most corrupt president ever.

Now, we’ll pretend these claims are true — they’re not, Falwell himself said “to this day I do not know the accuracy of the claims made in The Clinton Chronicles,” when interviewed for The Hunting of the President. So, why did Bill Clinton never kill him? A popular man accusing you of all of this should have given Falwell the bullet through the head treatment if these people are to be believed. Yet, Falwell died peacefully in his sleep in 2007.

3. Rush Limbaugh

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With 20 million listeners a week back in the day Rush Limbaugh was easily the harshest critic of President Clinton. His book See, I Told You So was on the New York Time Bestseller list for over a year. Here’s what he says regarding the President in that book:

We have to remember there will be never a time where everyone is doing well. (Not even when Bill Clinton is gone)-page 16

I don’t think Bill Clinton knows America.-page 32

Bill Clinton said anything he had to say to get a vote-page 35

I tried to warn you, Day after day, I told millions of Americans that Clinton was pulling a scam of monumental proportions- page 39

Bill Clinton lies brazenly. Then he lies brazenly to cover up his brazen lies.-page 44

Bill Clinton may be the most effective practitioner of class warfare since [Vladimir] Lenin-page 54

If Clinton and his liberal friends are successful, the result will be more poor, disenfranchised, alternated people who are depend on government for their every need.-page 137

There are a lot more but my eye is starting to twitch so I should more than likely stop.

However, that’s only his book. What about his radio show and that TV show he had for like three years. Well, there’s the obvious example of him calling Chelsea Clinton the “White House dog,” in 1993 — when she was only 13, by the way — , however, I’ll go a little deeper.

The book The Way Things Aren’t — a play on the title of his first book The Way Things Ought To Be —released by FAIR in 1995 goes over mistakes Limbaugh has made on his TV show, radio show, and books. I’ll give you some of his claims about Clinton in chronological order, because I’m nice:

[Clinton and his administration are] moving the country to the left. They’ve been doing it in the most concentrated way that has ever been done-5/9/1993

Those of you who want to take off the Clinton/Gore bumper sticker, just go get a handicapped parking sticker instead, and people will know why you voted that way-7/23/1993

Stop and think about this for a minute. Bill Clinton is the first president in modern history to have both houses of Congress. We’ve got every branch of government controlled by the Democrats-5/9/1994

Maybe some of the renegades and rowdies that were trying to burn down Chicago are now in the [Clinton] administration at one level or another-7/21/1994

Again, why didn’t Clinton have this guy killed? He is widely considered to be the cause of Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole taking control of Congress in 1994. It’s even arguable he led to former House Speaker Tom Foley losing re-election in 1994, something that hasn’t happened since and hadn’t happened before since Galusha Grow in 1863! Yet, Clinton never ordered that hit.

4.Matt Drudge

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Considered to be the father of online conservative “journalism”, opening up The Drudge Report in 1994.

Although it has gained attention many times over the years, the first and one that should have gotten him killed was on 1/17/1998. That day, Drudge Report became the first news outlet to cover what later became the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which nearly ended Clinton’s Presidency.

So why didn’t Clinton kill him? That scandal put Drudge on the map as a dangerous man, not some crazy online blogger like many considered him before hand (assuming they had even heard of him).

5.Tie between Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick

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I was debating which of these two I’d put in this spot, so I figured I’d use both. For those unaware, both these women claimed that, as governor of Arkansas, President Bill Clinton raped them. While many other women have, I picked these two because they’re easily the most brought up by people who blindly hate the former President.

Both claims are easily proven false. Jones had her claims dismissed by a court and Broaddrick couldn’t even be bothered to go to one, instead just coming out with her claim in 1999.

I guess it’s also just a coincidence her book You’d Better Put Some Ice On That came out shortly after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Election. But what do I know, after all the same people who deny any accusation against Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump told me to listen and believe.

Although, if rape is on the table I find it odd murder isn’t. Couldn’t Bill have just killed these women when they started getting a little too mouthy? Maybe he’s only willing to do one felony a person, how generous of him.

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