2.1 Million Georgia Citizens Hate Themselves

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I forgot when in my six hour marathon of MSNBC’s coverage of the Georgia Runoff election last night it hit me, I believe it was around 11:30 P.M., or four-and-a-half hours in, but when it did, I couldn’t sake the idea. As I write this, it’s unclear if either Perdue or Ossoff have won, although the victory of Warnock is all but certain, however something is striking about both races — in both cases, over two million people voted for the Republican.

That by itself is not unusual, Georgia was a solid red state until very recently, however, it is certainly weird considering how much Trump and the Republicans have insulted Georgia and how it functions. In 2018, Georgia Republicans did everything possible to ensure Brian Kemp’s victory over Stacey Abrams was secured, in spite of the clear conflicts of interest at play (Kemp was Secretary of State at the time and just before the election 300,000 people, almost all of them Black, were wrongfully flagged during an audit as “ineligible to vote”). Now, Brian Kemp is a traitor to our nation — what that makes the people who fought for him (and continue to defend him against claims he cheated) is always left unsaid.

That same year, nearly two million Georgia citizens went out to vote for a Republican named Brad Raffensperger — those same Republicans now hate him for not giving the election to Donald Trump. Trump supporters have been sending this man death threats since the election, and Georgia has been at best a joke and at worse a corrupt state ran by a mob-like elite according to the Republican Party.

Let’s not forget, it was the Georgia election (among a few others) that caused Republicans to start advocating for the (beyond unconstitutional) idea of federal oversight for election. The Republican Party does not even trust Georgia to run its own elections, and they voted for the party that view that as nothing more than children. InfoWars spent the past month talking about how Trump could declare martial law in the state and force another election to take place. Many Republicans (Lin Wood being the loudest voice) didn’t even believe that Republicans should vote in the Senate runoff because they felt it was impossible for Georgia to hold a good election — these people really hate Georgia.

Yet over two million Georgia citizens gladly voted for this party, the one that says their state is a bunch of corrupt, good for nothing crooks who need to be kept in check by the federal government. They heard the message of Trump and the Republicans that they couldn’t be trusted to hold an election, and voted for the Republicans in the next election — which the Republican Party believes they shouldn’t have even been allowed to hold. (To be fair though, with the Republican Party’s new found support for monarchy, they don’t seem to believe any elections should be held.) These are men who had their face spat in, and they responded by saying “thank you sir, may I have another?”

I think this goes to show you how big of a cult Trumpism is at the end of the day. These once respected men, men who the Republican Party would fight to the death are now nothing more than corrupt mob men for the DNC because they would not sacrifice their lives for the President. Kaitlin Bennett sells shirts declaring Donald Trump her king, and now Georgia is declaring Donald Trump better than them. Funny at the same time Eric Trump was on Fox News saying the RNC doesn’t have a spine — a statement I agree with, but not for the same reasons. In my mind, having a spine means being willing to stand up for yourself when you’re being attacked — and it seems like Georgia Republicans are unwilling to do that.

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