17 Year Old Rape Victim In Netherlands Kills Herself Through Euthanasia Legally

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Recently, a story broke of a 17-year-old rape victim from the Netherlands killing herself through medical euthanasia, which is legal over there.

A Dutch teenager who has detailed her struggles with sexual assault, depression, and anorexia has died, according tomedia reports.

Noa Pothoven made a “sad last post” to social media last week in which she announced she would “die within 10 days”.

It should be noted that EuroNews, the source that caused most people to first hear of this story, has removed all reference to her using legal euthanasia to cause her death. The story was shared by Twitter user Charles Lane, who wrote the following:

In the Netherlands, a 17-year-old girl suffering from PTSD due to a rape has been granted a request for physician-assisted suicide. She died in the last day or so. A child. With no terminal ailment. Just “hopeless” mental illness.

Child’s mother in Dutch press: “There are also huge waiting lists there. We actually want one place for her, where she can stay and where all her physical and mental problems are addressed. You can’t find it in the Netherlands. “ Untreatable illness?

From Dutch press: Noa had to wait half a year for a treatment place in an eating disorder clinic in Zutphen, which meant she eventually had to undergo tube feeding for a year at Rijnstate Hospital. If accurate, we have a case of systemic failure being “resolved” by mercy-killing

Of course, the fact she had to wait this long and that doctors would insist simple trauma/PTSD is untreatable is nonsense. It should surprise no one has a single-payer healthcare system that many in power want to put in the United States. This means there is no reason for doctors to try and put effort into treating patients and instead always take the easy way out.

Can I also ask why a 17-year-old (a child) was allowed to do such a thing? Yes, she needed the approval of her parents, however, the question should be “why did they approve?” And the answer is “because the healthcare system is awful?” Why is it awful? Because it is government run.

Yet, social conservatives and culture warriors are misusing this story greatly. Instead of using it as an argument against government run healthcare, they have chosen to make it an argument against freedom.

Of course, the normal Daily Wire columnists were the first to pounce on the idea that freedom is wrong. Here’s what Michael Knowles had to say on Twitter:

Can those for whom politics begins and ends with maximizing individual autonomy explain why this is wrong?

Yes. Every other right includes the right to not participate in it. Should I be forced to own a gun? Should I be forced to say offensive and controversial things? Should I be forced to be happy? Of course not! So why should someone be forced to continue living?

Knowles’s fans called this argument out for the nonsense it is, here are some of his responses:

Suicide is always caused by despair, which literally means “without hope.”

And what do you think caused that despair? Could it be having to wait half a year to see a doctor because of awful government run healthcare?

Suicide is a precise term, whereas euthanasia is a nonsense word meaning “good death” that describes the worst possible sort of death: death in despair.

Personally, I would think to die around Micheal Knowles is the worst kind of death. Okay, that counts as “death in despair,” but you get my point.

Personally, if a loved one chose to kill themselves (which I hope they would never do) I’d rather it be in a medical context instead of through painful overdosing or hanging. At least this way it’s a quick and painless method that also doesn’t involve the added trauma of finding a loved one dead. But that doesn’t matter because death is icky so all forms of death must be the same.

Here’s my favorite response:

A civilized society should have laws against suicide. This didn’t used to be a controversial opinion.

How do you enforce this exactly? Do you arrest someone who tried to kill themselves and convict them of manslaughter? That wouldn’t do anything but make them more likely to kill themselves because prison is a good way to get depression.

Or maybe we fine them. Well, you better hope they weren’t depressed because of extreme poverty. Now they have a new fine putting them even further into poverty making them more likely to attempt suicide.

I’m not straw-manning. Either show me you're new never thought of before third punishment or just admit you know nothing about depression or why people take there own life and just want to feel good about yourself.

Although, my favorite of these comes from Josh Hammer:

Beyond tragic. And coming to North America soon unless social conservatives can stop it.

Because no one in the United States has ever killed themselves after being raped.

Do you know what the greatest part was? The girl was refused! Yep, this whole controversy is over something that never even happened. Goes to show you just how many facts culture warriors care about.

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