11-Year-Old Denied Abortion After Rape

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As the more authoritarian ends of the right-wing (not to be confused with the pro-free market and pro-liberty side of the right) keep trying to place more and more restrictions on abortions, it becomes clear they’re running out of arguments. Back in the day, these guys were the enemy of feminists, these days they’re trying to claim they’re the real feminists. It used to be it was murder regardless, these days it’s murder except in a few cases where people would turn against us in a day if we didn’t allow. Back in the day, it was okay to harass women who got abortions, these days it’s okay to harass women who get abortions and don’t agree with us, again in her ideal world Abby Johnson would have received capital punishment.

Last week I was, well let’s just be nice and say “having a conservation with,” a pro-lifer on Twitter when mildly famous pro-life activist Gianna Jessen responded to me. The rest of my day was filled with accusations of bullying while they tried to use their power to intimate and silence me, claims I was in an echo-chamber while I let them yell at me as loud as possible, and so on. One thing I commonly heard, however, is that, while abortion can be justified in the case of rape, it never happens anyway and even then these pro-life bills allow for it so shut up.

It is impossible to not notice that these people only defend the recent pro-life law in Georgia. Never the one in Alabama where Republicans tabled an amendment that would allow abortion in the case of rape.

This brings us to today’s story, from another state with a heartbeat bill, Ohio.

After police arrested the 26-year-old Juan Leon-Gomez for raping an 11-year-old girl, they found the girl was pregnant.

I’ll let Wonkette take it from here:

Under normal circumstances, this situation would be devastating to any child and any family, but now that Ohio has outlawed abortion, not only does this 11-year-old girl have to deal with the trauma of being raped, she now also has to deal with being forced to give birth to her rapist’s baby whether she wants to or not.

At 11 years old, she is going to have to go through a nine month pregnancy, watch her little 11-year-old stomach grow, go through labor and give birth to the child of the man who raped her. Rather than beginning to recover now and getting the help she needs, this will be dragged out for close to year. It would be different if that is what she chose for herself, but now that this choice has been made for her, she’s going to have to wake up every day and know that she has no control or ownership of her own body, and no say in what happens to it. Men can rape her, men can force her to bear their children. That is the lesson she will learn from this.

Republicans love lying about how they are “pro-choice in every form but abortion,” but we all know they’re lying. However, I can at least usually smile at some pro-lifers and hope they have at least convinced themselves they’re doing good. (For instance, while I think Lila Rose is wrong about everything, I do not consider her a bad person) I honestly hope most are just unaware of this story, but that remaining shred I have left when I remember what they say.

Here’s what Lila said on Twitter just today:

Today’s “Progressive” Ideals:

Human beings only exist at birth, not before

Your body’s sex means nothing; you’re whatever gender you feel like -

Women NEED abortion to be strong

Women’s fertility is a disease that should be medicated out of existence

This is the new Dark Age

Again, I thought progressives like Margret Sanger were the enemies.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about the Dark Ages finds this hilarious (Birth control didn’t exist then and gender roles were strict). Although the last one is the one I find the oddest. To any women in my audience, has a doctor ever asked you to have a hysterectomy because your fertility is a disease. This is like watching the weird far-right cousin of Larry from Dharma & Greg! The only difference between them and PETA is one is mainstream.

Mark my words, Trump is saying at least one pro-life plant to be installed on the Supreme Court for the end of his administration. When he does such a thing, abortion rights will be made a thing of the past and the pro-life will show its true colors.

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